Organic Palo Santo Essential Oil


Palo Santo is well-known for its healing, calming, and energy cleansing properties. Use this mythical South American oil to bring in positivity with its distinct woodsy aroma.

The scent of Palo Santo oil is enticing and unmistakable.


100% pure and sustainably-sourced organic Palo Santo (Bursera graveolens) essential oil

Country of Origin (COO) - Peru

Extraction Method - Steam Distilled

How to Use

Add 10-20 drops to your diffuser. The blend is formulated with 100% pure and undiluted premium essential oils. That means you don’t need a lot to get the powerful benefits of scent, so we recommend starting with the lowest amount and adding more as desired.

Caution: For external use only. Do not ingest the oil. Do not use on skin undiluted.

Best For

If lighting a Palo Santo stick isn’t for you, but you still want the aromatic benefits, this is a perfect alternative.


As a core part of our mission, we strive to regenerate the planet’s forests one tree at a time. With every order, you help us plant a tree.

Rooted in Tradition

We are focused on taking traditional products that have become popular through time and bringing them into the modern world. All while giving back to the planet and leaving it better than we found it.


As a carbon-neutral company, we prioritize minimizing our impact. Bursera products are sourced sustainably and ethically. Where possible, our packaging is made from post-consumer material and is recyclable.

Customer Reviews

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Crystal Ferguson
Love all the things i got

Love the earrings i got. Would order from here again

Judi Langford
Slow start as all product came leaked but you replaced it all and the product is being enjoyed

Lovely scent and product my favorite!!!!

Micheline Vallee

Organic Palo Santo Essential Oil

Palo santos

Absolutely wonderful smell, it took some time to get used to but now loving the smell in my home!

Kim Klassen
High Quality OIls

I love everything about the Palo Santo oil. The packaging, the quality, and of course the smell!