About Us – Bursera


Bursera is a purpose-driven aromatherapy company focused on creating a new world of therapeutic products for you and your home.

We believe in the power of rituals and traditions that let you connect with yourself and the earth. Derived from sustainable and natural sources, our products empower you to benefit from the healing power of nature. More than ever, people want and deserve clarity on what goes on in the making and composition of the products they love. At Bursera, we are committed towards lessening our climate impact through carbon offsets projects, fair-trade working conditions, cruelty-free manufacturing, using environmentally friendly supplies and materials. Bursera values and policies also extend to our suppliers.

With every order, we plant a tree.

At Bursera, we empower you to make a tangible difference by planting a tree with your purchase. Let the products that bring you inner calm help spread greater positivity around you. Learn more about our sustainability initiatives here.

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