Terracotta Collection – Bursera
Palo Santo Holder - Terracotta
Palo Santo is believed to have energy purifying properties, but the ashes can leave your home a mess. Transform the way you clear energy from your space with the modern, clean design of this ceramic vessel that holds lit Palo Santo upright...
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Ceramic Bowl - Terracotta
The days of digging around in the recesses of cutlery drawer to find matches are behind you. Weaving together raw terracotta and speckled white glaze, this ceramic bowl displays your Palo Santo as well as matches or lighter keeping everything...
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Oval Plate - Terracotta
Create a daily ritual and find your inner calm through the power of Palo Santo. This elegant oval dish is designed to hold Palo Santo, allowing the smoke to cease gradually while capturing any fallen ashes. More than just a place for...
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