Palo Santo Holder - Terracotta


Palo Santo is believed to have energy purifying properties, but the ashes can leave your home a mess. Transform the way you clear energy from your space with the modern, clean design of this ceramic vessel that holds lit Palo Santo upright while capturing falling ashes. 

Perfect for smudging, this lightweight, heat-safe holder can easily be carried as you move around, cleansing your space with Palo Santo smoke. 

Multi-purpose, it is designed to hold your Palo Santo and has a small hole for standard incense sticks as well.

With a timeless white and raw terracotta colour palette, it can be a decorative accent to any room in your home. Pair with a terracotta ceramic bowl and oval plate for the ultimate room decor and energy upgrade.



Fits sticks up to 2.5cm thick

Also has a smaller hole to hold standard incense sticks


As a core part of our mission, we strive to regenerate the planet’s forests one tree at a time. With every order, you help us plant a tree.

Rooted in Tradition

We are focused on taking traditional products that have become popular through time and bringing them into the modern world. All while giving back to the planet and leaving it better than we found it.


As a carbon-neutral company, we prioritize minimizing our impact. Bursera products are sourced sustainably and ethically. Where possible, our packaging is made from post-consumer material and is recyclable.

Customer Reviews

Based on 17 reviews
Julie Jackson

Gorgeous scent Palo Santo essential oil and incense sticks first encountered while holidaying in South America Excited to find it available at Bursera


Wonderful scent that quickly fills a big room.

Marjolaine Lebel

Livraison rapide et le produit est parfait!

Amelie Harvey
Love it - Love it - Love it!!

I absolutely love my stick holder. Finally, a solution as beautiful as useful! Highly recommend.

Isis Meisel
Perfect holder

This piece is not only practical but the perfect addition to my zen decoration. The shipping was fast and I am loving the playlists from Bursera that can be scanned with a QR code. Very happy with this purchase.