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Stress Relief Gifts You Know They’ll Love
What is Palo Santo and How to Use It?
Learn about the benefits of Palo Santo and find out how you can use it in your home to bring tranquility and calm.
Steam Distillation, How We Get the Essence of Plants
Learn about how we turn your favourite plants into your favourite essential oils.
Our Favourite Uses of Peppermint Oil
The powerful benefits and uses of peppermint essential oil in your home.
Where Palo Santo Comes From
The practice of sourcing Palo Santo in a sustainable and respectful way.
Stress Relief Gifts You Know They’ll Love
Recycle with Us
How to recycle our product packaging.
Choosing the Right Palo Santo
Is Palo Santo endangered? No, but like any other precious resource it must be harvested responsibly and sustainably.
9 Ways to Use Essential Oils
Some effective ways to surround yourself with the scents of nature.
Smudging with White Sage
Find out more about how to smudge with White Sage and the history behind it.
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