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The Best Aromatherapy Scent for Your Astrological Sign
Today we’re talking about astrology and how essential oils can be used to amplify the strengths of your Astro-personality.
The Number One Reason Why Movement Is Key To Wellness
The most cost-effective and beneficial way to improve your overall wellbeing.
How to Find Your Inner Calm
Finding your inner calm starts with clear boundaries.
What is Palo Santo and How to Use It
What's Palo Santo, its powerful benefits, and why you should look for SERFOR Certified Palo Santo.
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5 Steps To Better Sleep
Sleepless nights are not cool. Period. There’s nothing worse than heading to bed thinking “I’m a terrible sleeper” or “I wonder how many times I’ll be up tonight.”
Our Favourite Uses of Peppermint Oil
The powerful benefits and uses of peppermint essential oil in your home.
9 Ways to Use Essential Oils
Some effective ways to surround yourself with the scents of nature.
Recycle with Us
How to recycle our product packaging.
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